April 14th 2019: Isoblue Celebrate.


Celebrating 20 years!

Is it really 20 Years?

In April 2019 it's 20th Anniversary of the formation of the company. Isoblue was originally called 'Isobar Blue' a fusion of creativity under pressure....

In the very early preparation phase, a prospective packaging supplier truncated this to Iso-blue on letter to us, and we thought... that has a ring to it...


Over those 20 years, we've designed new products, managed manufacturing of our products, built retail distribution, started ventures & sold a number of going businesses.

Today we try to use our experience and the skills we've developed to help our clients.

We're excited by the future, and 'we're gonna party like it's 1999' all year*! 1 Cheers!

  1. Except 'Dry January' of course! ↩︎