New Year Website Checklist


5 Step checklist - is your website ready for 2019?

  1. Content - Tips to keep you current and legal

  2. Images - Tips on how to make quick updates

  3. Blog - Plan new content and check old posts

  4. Design - Small steps to keep your site fresh

  5. SEO - 5 must-do checks


1. Seasonal and Annual content

  • Remove any Christmas or Seasonal holiday content as soon as possible.
  • If relevant create some new content on the home page for an instant new year update.
  • Update the copyright year in the footer. It's a clear indicator that your website is current and trading.
  • Check your links are still current.
  • Remember 301 URL redirects, if you're archiving or retiring content
  • Check your Terms and Conditions and make sure they are current and contain the last review date.
  • Ensure your Privacy Policy and Terms of Business are legal.
  • Consider any new legislation in your market and ensure your website complies.
  • Has anything significant changed within your business over the last 12 months and if so does your website still align with your business practices?

2. Images

  • Consider updating key images for an instant new look.
  • Are your images still suitable, do they still represent your offering?
  • Has anything in the news made your images unsuitable?
  • Check images all have suitable names.
  • Check the size of the images and see if they can be reduced* (See this article of image size reduction)
  • Are images linked to your content? Help your visitors explore your content.

3. The Blog

  • Plan your blog strategy for the next few months.
  • Archive historic content.
  • Check external links are still current, working and accurate.
  • Check content accuracy: time can kill posts, update or archive.
  • Consider indexing, categrising and organising your posts.

4. Design

Design is obviously highly subjective, but some questions you might ask are:

  • Overall is the site still 'fresh' and communicating what you want to say?
  • Looking at your competitors, is your site as good/strong/punchy as it needs to be?
  • Is the colour pallet and typography still looking strong and is it still on-brand?

Design can be 'evolved' and small but regular updates can prolong the life of your website. There will come a point where a new design concept and a holistic redesign is needed, but along the way you can take steps to keep your site effective between major revamps.

5. SEO

  • Are your Headings aligned with your Titles and Page Content?
  • Are your Page and Site Meta Tags aligned with your Objectives?
  • Have you checked Google Search Console recently?
  • Do your Images and Words align with you Messages?
  • Are your Meta Tags and Keywords aligned with your Objectives?

Website Love

A bit of attention to your content and how Google sees your content can not only help prevent unintended consequences but keep that all important 'first impression' as strong and full of impact as it ever was, as well as giving your site the maximum on-page impact for SEO.

The New year is a great time to give your website a bit of love.

Happy 2019 from Isoblue.