Eyelash Logic - Retail

Project Overview:

Brand Creation:
- Naming
- Logo Design

Squarespace website:
- Image sourcing
- Design
- Build
- E-commerce set-up

Isoblue were asked to help at the very early stages with this new business venture.
We helped develop the name, including securing domains.

A strong logo was required that worked online and across the product packaging.

In quite a crowded market, the website needed to have a quality feel, target a specific market and give confidence that the products were safe to use and the company reputable and and trustworthy.
Isoblue designed, built and set-up full e-commerce integration, with some bespoke checkout requirements


Client Profile:

New business selling cosmetic products online

Glasgow. Scotland

Naming, Logo Design and website by Isoblue

Naming, Logo Design and website by Isoblue



"Chris and Sue are such a great team! They had tons of ideas and were really patient, making sure I was completely happy with each stage from branding and logo design right through to website design and implementation.

They were very honest and so I found I could really trust them because they genuinely wanted my business to succeed.

All in all, I had a great experience with Isoblue and I'm delighted with the end result. I'll certainly come back to them when upgrading my website, and in the mean time they always seem happy to help with any queries I have, which is important because I've never had a website before and I'm still getting used to it!
I can't recommend them highly enough."

- Dr. Christoper Stephen. Founder