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Proposal & Quotation Terms and Conditions


Our formal quotations include the following information to help clients understand exactly what they are getting and specifically what is excluded - unless otherwise stated in the quote.  Sometimes we quote informally by email and the following information augments any informal quotation, proposal or offer to work. These terms are included on the invoice that is sent to start your project with Isoblue. 


All quoted prices subject to VAT at current/applicable rate.

Our payment terms, on projects under £900, are 50% of the project total paid by way of deposit before work commences, 50% upon completion, (payable along with the deposit for the subsequent phase if required).  

All fees are payable before launch and/or final handover.

Projects over £900 may be subject to a different payment profile.

Payment of a balance invoice is confirmation that our work is complete, unless agreed otherwise.

Any new, third party software contracts are covered for 1 month only. Any additional costs will be added to the balance. All software contracts will be handed over to you up on completion unless agreed otherwise.

Stock images, where relevant, are charged at cost and added to the balance invoice.

Quotations/Proposal are valid for a maximum of 30 days, unless we offer written confirmation otherwise. 

Please note well:  A deposit invoice includes pre-sale work, preparatory work, and is compensation in part for 'opportunity costs'.  
Isoblue do not refund deposit payments under any circumstances and view them as payment for work completed and by paying our invoice you accept this is a non refundable payment.


Clarification and Exclusions:

Specifically and for the sake of clarity, we are not quoting for the following unless explicitly stated in the proposal:

1. Original photography

2. Any design work applying identity creation unless explicitly included in the document:  For clarity we do not create business cards, compliments slips, letter heads or any other designs based on logo and identity design unless detailed in the quotation.

3. Adaptations are confined to CSS (or Javascript) only and we work within the normal functioning of Squarespace and do not advocate the use of ‘Developer Mode’ as this orphans the site from Squarespace support and is rarely required in most websites.

4. Work is carried out within a Squarespace template and while many adaptations can be made - it is not infinitely flexible and this combined with the need to work on mobile devices can limit the scope.  That said, we design within the scope of Squarespace to work, and any additional request that is not achievable within Squarespace without extensive additional custom work will be quoted for separately and is excluded from this quotation.

5.  Isoblue are not quoting to add or manage content on pages other than the core home and 6 other key pages,  (although we can provide a quote to do this work.)

6. Additional work caused by reworking of design, pages, images, or content that has previously been iterated on and approved, is specifically excluded  from this quotation.


Please note the following carefully:

We try to be as flexible as possible.  It can take many hours to find suitable images, and once agreed, changes to images, and other design aspects, though technically feasible, can be very time consuming and we ask for you to consider changes carefully after agreeing a design or an image: we reserve the right to charge for additional time costs caused by ‘rethinking’ or an alternative opinion expressed internally.

Please Print and retain for your records

Chris Bampton
Director & Co-Founder
Isoblue Limited

9th December 2018.