Why Squarespace, Why Isoblue?


Isoblue are Squarespace designers & developers based in the UK.

Endorsed by Squarespace and listed as Squarespace specialists since 2009.  specialists.squarespace.com

Why use Squarespace?
• A cost effective, solid platform
• No plugins required (no hidden costs)
• Ongoing management is easy
• Responsive & SEO optimised
• Access to updates, at no charge
Why use Isoblue?
• 8 years Squarespace experience
• 350+ Squarespace projects completed
• Website Packages - a great starting point
• Kickstart help & training videos
• Complimentary services available

Later last year we celebrated the completion of 350 Squarespace projects, for clients in 15 Countries, across 5 Continents!

We have enough experience to know how to match the right design to the right audience. From a start-up business to a multi-national corporation - we can hit the right note.

We have written a blog about the main features of Squarespace and how Isoblue help you get the most of these features Top 5 Reasons, Why to Use Squarespace >

From Cornwall to London, Nottingham to Manchester, Glasgow to the Isle of Harris - we have the UK covered. We have also worked wth clients in the USA, Singapore, Ghana, Peru and Australia, to name a just a few!


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Listed on specialists.squarespace.com since 2009