Imagine what your website could do….


This page is a hastily created demonstration of a concept to help sell to highly targeted audiences, with very specific messages…

We hope it’s persuasive!


The right people

Gaining access to the right audience at the right time with the message you want is time consuming, expensive and slow. Rebuilding offers an exciting opportunity to get the right message to the right person at the perfect moment - when they are ready for it!.

The perfect message

The important aspects of your product will vary depending on who you are targeting. Different emphasis is needed for different jobs. Squarespace & Isoblue working on the website can help get that right by helping your targets self select what’s important to them.

On time…

Everyone has a different approach to their working day. By harnessing the website and the power of targeted hyperlinks - you can help your audience get the timing just right for them, and really get your message across.


Interactive Flow Chart

Not integral to Squarespace but a little bit of code opens up it’s potential.


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