Squarespace Design


Squarespace Design



Client Challenge...
"...We need help with our website.  
We need to facelift the site and take advantage of the power of Squarespace.  We can see it is powerful, but we need a helping hand getting the most out of it.  We are not designers really and whilst we know what we want to acheive - it's not really working...."

Our Approach

  • Design
  • Coaching and Training
  • Bespoke 'How to' Videos 



We are designers and we love Squarespace - and we enjoy helping clients get the most out of Squarespace.  We work to create designs that work for you, and then help you to implement the design - adjusting the page layout to benefit from index pages and make the visitor 'journey' as full of impact as you'd hope .

We can conduct market research both of competitors, and the target market segment to inform the process of creating a design concept, or we can take design instruction from our client ad operate 'execution only' meaning that we work to clients instructions and create a design based on the client instruction.

Once the design has been approved, we then help clients to implement the design and provide coaching to enable clients to not only build the initial project but gain a degree of self sufficiency moving forward.  We'll do as much or as little as required.. 

We use Citrix 'goToMeeting'  and create bespoke videos delivered via Wistia



Site designs can be delivered really very quickly - in a matter of days - if the stars align and the approval process is short and quick.  We prefer to work with more time to reflect on the market and the design - and typical projects take between 2-4 weeks.

Costs / Fee planning

The fees range from £750 upwards and reflect the complexity of the design work and the time required to build the project.  All our work is based on an hourly rate - fixed price work anticipates the time required (we've done hundreds of projects so we're pretty accurate in our estimates.)