Live Squarespace - Zapier Demo


This is a Squarespace form….

The button below is a modal Squarespace form that links via Zapier to the page.
If you complete it with sample data you’ll see the Zap add this to the table below.

Have a go!


What happens…?

The button above opens a ‘Modal’ Squarespace form. When this is completed and submitted, data from this form is sent via a secure packet to Zapier. This is a Zapier ‘Trigger’. We have created a ‘Zap’ to add this data to a Knack database table, - this is an ‘Action’. If you submit a form above, the data is instantly added to knack and to the table below.

Please then refresh this screen , (NB You are very unlikely to ever have the table of data on the same page as the form submitting the data which is why the screen refresh is needed - this is a demo!)

You’ll see your entry towards the top of the table below…. have a go! note: The columns are sortable by clicking on the heading, and you can add filters to this table - so data from the for is going into a powerful online database. The table here shows ‘grouping’ so you will find your entry grouped in this case with people who chose a similar animal.

This table data is also being processed and added to the charts below. Note that the charts are clickable to drill down to get segment details and data.




If you’d like a ‘how to’ video of how this was set up, please email me Chris Bampton