Top 10 Reasons to Choose Squarespace


At Isoblue we design & build in Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix and Webflow. We also build web applications to extend websites functionality - So when we say…

‘We think Squarespace is the best choice for a small-medium sized business website.’

…it’s based on a lot of experience!

Since 2009 we have created hundreds of websites using Squarespace and it’s still our platform of choice 10 years on. If you are considering a new website or considering a move to Squarespace, spend 5 minutes reading this…

Contents - Isoblue’s top 10 reasons why to choose Squarespace

  1. Fully Managed

  2. Secure

  3. Set-up Speed

  4. Easy to customise

  5. Easy to use and keep updated

  6. Beautiful Image presentation

  7. Integrates with many third party apps

  8. Built-in SEO

  9. Full Analytic reports

  10. Value for money

1. Fully managed, cloud hosted, content management system (CMS)

This may not be something you even consider when selecting your website platform but it matters. Squarespace is a one-stop-shop, offering front and backend management and hosting under one roof and for one fee. (fees vary depending on your needs).
If you’re coming from other platforms like Wordpress, you’ll relish the fact that all the templates, blocks, widgets and plugins all move together as one - so there are no security headaches or update nightmares!
And there’s no need to source hosting, Flexibility comes at a heavy price which is not necessary for most website owners. With Squarespace this is all taken care of.

2. Security

SSL - All Squarespace sites have the option to enable SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which means your visitors can access a constant, secure connection on every page of your site.
HTTP/2 - Squarespace sites with SSL enabled are also delivered faster through HTTP/2 protocol by creating one constant connection between the browser and the server.
So visitors to your site will be browsing a fully secure site that loads more quickly - this is so important given the limited time you have to engage with your customers.

3. Set-up Speed

Squarespace is based on templates. If one of the templates meets your needs then you really can get up and running very quickly. All templates allow you to duplicate or replace the template content, so no page designing or building from scratch.
Ok, this does require a bit of knowledge of how to use Squarespace in the first instance.
but this will be the case for any web building too.

Squarespace publish excellent support materials including a series of videos:
Squarespace support video →

4. Easy Template Customisation - without coding

Don’t be put off by the term ‘template’ this is what makes Squarespace easy to use but you (or your designer) can soon achieve an individual look that looks nothing like any underlying template you started with.
You have easy access to all the styles - all fonts and colours etc. You can install a blank page and away you go.
This also make a refresh or style update very easy and quick (something to consider for the future).

5. Easy to use and Update

Drag & drop - To build a Squarespace page you simple drag and drop blocks of content, be they text, images, videos, forms etc. You can create a page layout to suit your content by simply dragging a dropping the blocks into place.
A quick look at the preview shows you instantly how this will look once published.
No code knowledge required - You need absolutely no knowledge of code to use Squarespace effectively. Yes we often use code to create some individuality or to create some more advanced visuals or functions but - no code knowledge, no problem.

6. Beautiful image presentation

If you have visual content then Squarespace has built-in gallery options for a portfolio type presentation and single image block options for individual images, both will present your images beautifully.
A great new feature for 2018 and for those who don’t have quality, original images is a built-in integration with Unsplash for instantly accessible, free stock images.

7. Integrations

Squarespace offers integrations with many other web tools and apps - Social media, Mailchimp for email marketing, Open Table and Acuity for online bookings, Paypal and Stripe for ecommerce. Getty & Unsplash for images...there are many, many more!

8. SEO built-in

Squarespace has a lot of this covered for you, so again you don’t need specialist knowledge. We advise you understand the basics such as how to title pages, add descriptions and name images effectively but this is more of a housekeeping process than a technical process.

Just some of the SEO tools built-in to all Squarespace site are:

  1. A Site Map is automatically generated and tells search engines about your URL and content structure

  2. Mobile optimisation Google announced its Mobile First indexing during 2018, meaning the mobile version of a site is indexed first, over the desktop version)

  3. AMP or, Accelerated Mobile Pages, creates lightweight versions of web pages to help them load faster on a mobile.

  4. SSL certificates (see above under Security) Google announced this may have some ranking benefits. Image Alt & Title Tags which make your content more likely to be found and indexed, these are automatically generated but you can help yourself here, by making these more meaningful and appropriate.

  5. Google Search Keywords Analytics you can keep a track of which search terms are driving traffic to your site from Google.

    SEO is an industry in it’s own right, so there is always more you can do or specialist help you can pay for.

9. Analytics

All Squarespace sites offer the following:

  1. Traffic Overview - this helps you track visits and page views of varying timescales from the past 7 days to year to date.

  2. Activity Log - a searchable list of information about visitors to your site (although this includes IP addresses, this is not personally identifiable information)

  3. Geography - an interactive map shows you where your traffic is coming from by country, region or city

  4. Google Search Keywords - identifies which search terms are driving visitors to your site

  5. Popular Content - which pages, blogs etc have the most visits

  6. Site Search keywords - If enable a search option, this will show you what words have been used in a search within your site

  7. RSS feeds for Blogs and Collections - estimates the total amount of traffic that your RSS feed(s) receives in a selected time frame.

    More specific functionalities are available for ecommerce plans and for the higher level plans but these features are very powerful resource available to all.

10. Value for money

You may read some criticism of the Squarespace fees and you may read that there are much cheaper options available - there are, but not if you’re comparing like for like.
At Isoblue we still feel it’s value for money, if you’re aware of what you have available within your chosen plan and you make use of what you have.
SQSP is constantly evolving:

Keep up with new standards eg HTTP2
Reacting to changes in Google’s SEO requirements
Reacting to emerging Security issues
Aesthetics and designs move forward and evolve

Honestly - there are some things we wish it did better but there are some things we can’t believe are available in the basic plan - only you can decide if it’s right for you.