The Isoblue website process

This guide is intended to help you understand the process of working with Isoblue. All jobs vary, so this is typical process.

1. Your initial enquiry.
If you know what you want - share as much information as possible, this will help us help you.
We understand that you may not know what you want, so we're happy to help - it costs nothing to talk!

2. Fact Find.
We'll ask more questions, talk though specifics and discuss your options. We have a 'Fact Find' form which some have found a very useful process for their own benefit.

3. Quotation
Upon gathering enough information, we'll supply a fixed price quote, usually itemised - giving you a clear picture of what your money will buy - no surprises down the line!

Sometimes we give 2 or 3 options that give you the opportunity to consider alternative solutions.

See our article on 'What to consider when commissioning a website' >

4. Agree terms - The price, the specific deliverables, the timescale.

All jobs vary in complexity and requirements, so the steps below are the common steps from design to 'going live'.

5. Design concept - the look and feel: styles, colours, layout etc

6. Design iteration - Design & styling finalised & approved.
The introduction of more structure and more content.

See our article on 'Compiling content for your website' >

7. Specific technical set-up - Including any customisation.
Content and structure iteration.

8. Testing & final iteration

9. Domain set-up. Go live

10. Training & handover


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