10 Top Tips on how to build an email campaign address list

If you are a new, young or start-up business or are new to email marketing then you probably have no email addresses or very few, this is very common and you're not alone. It takes effort to build up your lists, but it will pay dividends. Quality addresses that are permission based are worth their weight in gold.?

1. Add a sign-up to your website - ‘Join mailing list’, ‘keep me informed’.

This will help you capture information, addresses from people who visit your site. Don’t miss your chance to start talking directly to your visitors and start building that all important relationship. mailcritter has a built-in subscribe form builder to help you to do this easily.

2. Ask your customers

If you deal with customers in person either face to face or over the telephone, then simply ask them for their email address and permission to contact them. You can do this as part of your standard customer engagement. If you have staff, train them to ask for email details. Tell customers why it’s a good idea, you will keep them up to date with new offers for example.

3. Ask people you meet at events

If you attend networking events or trade shows, again ask ! like my mother always said “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”. Even if they just give you their business card, you can manually add them to your list.

4. Offer incentives for sign-up

People love free stuff, offer a freebie or the chance to win a prize. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just think how much you're saving by not purchasing a database list, you could offer a white paper or be the first to get offer information. People are more likely to give you details if there is something in it for them.

5. Make sure your sign-ups are not hidden away

Your sign-ups should be very prominent on your site just like a special offer would be, or any other call to action. Add them to every page or in a sidebar so that they are always seen.

6. Link sign-ups to other content.

“Like this article? then make sure you don’t miss others – make sure you sign-up”. If you publish articles or special offers or blogs, add a link to your sign up after each one. If a visitor reads something they like you're in a better immediate position to get their details.

7. Never miss an opportunity

Include a ‘join our mailing list’ in your signature / sign off on the bottom of all your emails. If you blog or comment on sites that are not your own, add it to your sign off. Even put a url address to it on your business cards.

8. Don’t ask for too much

The more detail you ask for the more reluctant people will be to freely sign up. So make sure the information you are asking for is relevant, only ask for the information you really need and is pertinent to your service or offering.

9. Be viral, ask people to pass it on

When you do send out your email campaigns, be it offers or newsletters, make sure you add the forward to a friend snippet. If people like what you're offering they will be happy to pass it on. Remember if everyone forwards it to only one other person your email has already doubled it’s circulation.

10. Have specific 'sign ups'

Different people like different things, if you have lots of content you would like to use for your email campaigns, then split up the sign up. You can have one for special offers, one for newsletter and so on… by doing this you can capture more data and segment it.