Top 5 reasons, why to use Squarespace

Why Squarespace, Why Isoblue?

Squarespace has been Isoblue's web-builder tool of choice, since 2009. This is why, and how Isoblue build upon what Squarespace provide:

1. Credibility

Squarespace was launched in 2003. With some major league investment in 2010, it just continues to grow, develop and improve.

Isoblue have used Squarespace since 2009. Through V5, V6 and now V7. We have created over 350 projects in Squarespace for clients from UK, to USA, to Australia.


2. Confidence

Squarespace is a self contained platform.
Built, managed, updated and hosted, under one roof!
Unlike Wordpress, there are no updates to worry about (if you have an account, you get automatic updates).
It services the needs of most websites, without the need for plugins or third party apps (unlike Wordpress).

Isoblue set-up your account ensuring you get the best from Squarespace, day one! We advise on the best use of what Squarespace has to offer.


3.Easy to use and update

The simple drag and drop interface, makes maintenance as easy as it can get. Content is inserted in the form of 'blocks'. It's simple to use, once you know how!

Isoblue give you that kickstart. We get you up and running with a site that you can then take over and manage yourself. We offer handover training and create bespoke videos to show you how.


4. Beautiful  design

Squarespace offer many templates, there is at least one template that will give you what you want. The way they handle images is simply the best!

Isoblue will help you get the best from the templates, we advise on content and image use, to best suit the selected template but primarily, with you and your target market in mind.


5. Responsive design & SEO equipped

All site have responsive design built-in, meaning your site will perform and be legible on any device, at any size.
All sites are equipped with the elements needed for strong SEO (helping google find you!)

Isoblue will build on what Squarespace provide, to ensure you are using these features as intended and giving you the best opportunity to help Google find you, for all the right reasons!

Is Squarespace right for you?
We'll be honest, it's our reputation too!

We've made it easy to commission a Squarespace website.
We have 4 website packages - choose one that suits you