Why is my site loading slowly?

Current website trends are for large impact images - full width banners and full screen images, scrolling pages that may contain videos and galleries.
This doesn't mean you site loads slowly though.

HTTP/2 is the first new version of HTTP since HTTP 1.1, which was standardised in 1997!

All Squarespace sites can now benefit from HTTP/2 protocol

Even as websites become increasingly content-heavy with large images and videos, visitors still expect sites to load quickly. To keep pace with these expectations, we’re excited to announce that all Squarespace websites with TLS (SSL) enabled are now delivered faster through the HTTP/2 protocol.

HTTP, or hypertext transfer protocol, is the method browsers and servers use to communicate with each other. The HTTP/1.1 version has been in use since the late ‘90s, and it powers a large portion of the Internet, delivering HD video, music files, and eCommerce transactions to our laptops, phones, and tablets.
— Squarespace Blog