Page Framework Wireframe Layout tool in Squarespace


Squarespace Page Builder

July 2016 - Squarespace have been testing their new Wireframe template page builder over the last few days and weeks.  It's been released and is available for some Squarespace Customers.

To show how this new tool works we've created a short video (without narration) to show how the page layout framework tool works when you are creating new regular pages in Squarespace.

Squarespace Says

Build a Stunning Website Page with Starter Layouts

Building a stunning website on Squarespace just got even easier. With the new starter layouts, you now have more tools to create a beautiful online presence. We’re thrilled to introduce starter layouts, which give you an easier starting point from which to build a website page. Rather than building a new page from scratch, simply select a starter layout.

Isoblue actually agrees.  It's one more advance to help Startups focus on the message rather than the messenger!


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