Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition with Squarespace and Isoblue

Isoblue Chosen.

We are delighted to announce that Isoblue was asked to design and develop the website for the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition.  We've been working as designers for over 25 years and working with Squarespace for the last 9 years. We partnered with Theprintspace and with guidance from the World Photography Organisation  we were able to deliver the website on time and under budget.

This years Sony World Photography Awards was be held at Somerset House in London in April and May 2016. The Award winning photographs from the Exhibition continue to sell via the website.

This is the the first year that it's possible to buy prints from the exhibition and have them printed at many different sizes, to order,  and delivered from the world class Theprintspace in London.

The site is interesting particularly because it combines Sqaurespace with a third party Photo selling site that automatically identifies photographs that exist on both sites - and the item is printed and shipped by the third party.  Contact us to discuss your photo selling website on Sqaurespace.

Squarespace Delivers Again!

Based on a template in the brilliant Squarespace platform we were able to complete the project in record time!  Squarespace is such a capable product it meant that as designers, we could work quickly and pass the site to the client so they could manage the content and make the running updates as required.  Trying to avoid gushing is tricky because without Squarespace, this project would have been virtually impossible. 

Like other sites that we have completed for Artists, Galleries and Photographers - the beautiful and the professional combine to give the website owner minimum headaches and the visitor maximum pleasure.  

Visit the Sony World Photography Awards here ➞