Ecwid e-commerce review

Ecwid (e-Commerce Widgets)

You might not have heard about Ecwid.  If you havent and you are thinking about e-commerce, we think you should.

I decided to write this piece because i've just spent two full days trying to find anything that comes close to ecwid - reviewing 14 of the best known online e-commerce SaaS offerings from Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify, Foxy Cart, Roman Cart, Zen Cart and so on.  

I can't. - nothing even comes close to this unique little diamond!

Why is Ecwid so special?

What makes ecwid so very special is, in part the features of the product - some of which are not available anywhere else (the quality and style of the built in Image uploader product option for example).  But what sets it appart totally is that it is a widget.  You can install the store front on many different websties, on differnt pages of one website, on Facebook, on your blog, in fact anywhere you want to sell something online - you can install your shop!

Like conventional e-commerce products, SaaS hosted stores etc, Ecwid has a well designed and easy to use 'back end' which allow the store keeper to manage products, categories, customers, and transactions.  Unlike most if not all stores, Ecwid allows you to determine how the store looks and on which pages of your existing website it sits.

If you design nice sites, or if you've had a good site built - and you want to sell something from it - you really dont want to start from scratch again, and this is where Ecwid get's seriously interesting.  

Conventional wisdom would then say... well you should use Foxycart.  Foxycart is a lovely Cart/Checkout designed to integrate with your existing product database:  Ecwid is designed to fit right on your existing website, but delivers beautifully executed product 'widgets' to place on your pages.

From a search engine point of view, your shop is now as effective as the surrounding pages and you can optimse content, create micro data tags etc and benefit from Google Merchant Services.

  • Create the index and search where you want them
  • Ajax pages means no screen refreshed
  • Agile checkout
  • Drag and drop buying
  • Works really well with Squarespace, Wix, 1&1 etc.

The whole user experience is well executed and thoroughly thought through.  If you are adept at CSS, the whole site is customisable (or we can do that for you...) Call us if you'd like a quote to help you build the store you really want!