Harnessing your Squarespace site for Direct Sales (part 1)

How do you use your squarespace site?

Publish and be damned?

The SEO of Squarespace is famously effective  - organic traffic spectacularly good BUT....

Have you started to use your blog to help you sell?  I guess most small - medium businesses rely to some extent on direct selling - person to person emails or visit?

We've found using the blog to be an excellent way of speaking to a prospective client - delivering highly specific detailed messages, even personal messages in an immediate way:  For example we often get enquiries from business people who havent created a brief for their new makreting project.... so we write an intro email with a specific link to 'Writing the Creative Brief' or when we are explaining Search Engine work  we might use this explanation...

This means that we can do the blog entry once, for each topic, but use it like a brochure that we build 'on the fly' for clients. 

Specific events, links in email campaigns, even a special message for a premium contact that you want to do business with....











Chris Bampton

Isoblue.com, Draycott, Derby, Derbyshire, England, UK