Filemaker Go - time for your Tablets?

Now it's always time for your tablets ...

Filemaker, the wonderfully flexible, incredibly powerful data tool is now available for the iPad.  

And guess what....


We're always a little bit skeptical with brand new technology but we should have know better with Filemaker.  This is a lovely combination.  iPad and Filemaker are a match made in heaven.  It's hard to think of a more symbiotic relationship than the power and flexability of filemaker mated to the convenience, portability and usability of iPad.  

What the iPhone did for email.... this combination looks set to do for Data.  It makes company data available anywhere.... If your filemaker database is on a web server, then you can access data from literally anywhere with an internet connection.  

Update the CRM in Starbucks, Process the last order in Cafe Nero..... hell, you could even give Costa a chance - and update the inventory on your web shop.

  • Fast
  • Pretty
  • Easy
  • Powerful
  • mmmm

Filemaker on the iPad - Is it time for your Tablets?

Connect to databases hosted on FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro via a local wireless network or over the Internet using Wi-Fi or 3G. All changes are instantly updated in the hosted file. This makes it easy to share information with a team. *

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