Action Method - Behance - Productivity Software


You might not have heard of Behance, or the Actionmethod.  In fact you probably haven't.

But you will......

It is a revelation. (Excuse the quasi religious terminology but for once it is relevant....)

We have used, tested, hoped for, even prayed for, a productivity tool that actually helps productivity more than the time it takes to use..... (37 signals....? - highrise salesforce etc..?)

This is 'for sure'... this is 'the one', this 'works', it has been thought about, researched and thought about again.  

By grown ups.

We've designed user interfaces and we know how hard it is to make something look simple and do clever stuff - apparently effortlessly.... this software, this thought process, this philosophy, is really out of this world.

Try it:  enjoy a beautifully clear way of working that will genuinely help you to get ideas into action.

It will help you work as a team, it will sync with your iphone for free, it is as effortless as it gets and it has a suit of paper products that will continue the thought process right into the heart of meetings without getting in the way...

We think it's quite (really quite) good.