Squarespace IP Address

Pointing your domain at Squarespace.

When you want to access your website via your own domain - can be a complex job, especially if you've not done it before.  There are lots of different domain name sellers and each one has a slightly different 'control panel' which makes offering specific advice impossible.

The objective here is to explain the underlying principles and help you to understand what you need to do (and why you need to do it).

Two Stage Process

There are two parts to the job.  The first part is to prepare Squarespace for your domain.  This part of the job tells Squarespace which domain name(s) you want to use and where to send the traffic.

Part 1.  Prepare Squarespace:

Step 1. Prepare your Squarespace account but subscribing. (Nothing will function until you are a paying customer of Squarespace!)

Step 2. Log into your Squarespace account. Go to 'Admin' Panel, Click on the cog,  and select 'Domains' from the list pane.

If you already own a domain name - then select 'Link to Existing domain' and enter the domain name (without any prefix e.g. without www.)

If you have a Squarespace version 5 paid account, you get a free Version 6 account and you can simply link it by selecting 'Link Version 5' You will need you login details for the version 5 account.

Squarespace also offer a free domain name for your account which is practical and has a management interface available if you ask Squarespace for the link.

quarespace is now ready to route your traffic to your website... it knows which squarespace website account should get the incoming visitors.

Part 2: Send your visitors to Squarespace (or 'Manage your DNS'.)

A visitor to a domain name is on a journey of several steps.  The first visit it to the computer that is recorded as owning the domain... from here the visitor follows the signposts eventually ending up at a computer with your website on it!

Your DNS record is a table of addresses and computer names (IP Addresses or CNAME's) - Think of this as a sign post.  This table of addresses is the first place (in most cases) where a visitor to your domain name will be routed to.  This signpost is often at the company where you registered your domain name and you'll likely need login credentials to be able to update it.

Step 3.  Log into your domain/DNS management control panel (provided by whoever you registered your domain name with)  or ask your domain manager  to change the settings for blank and www 'A records' to the Squarespace IP address which is

A records for @ or Blank should point to either or

CNAME record for WWW should point to ext.squarespace.com

It is wise to use CNAME types of signpost because they can be rerouted in the event of an IP address not being available for example in the event of a denial of service attack.

Step 4. Wait  anywhere between 10 seconds and 24 hours.  


Updated 7th October 2014