Leveraging Linkedin

Leveraging Linkedin

You don't need us to tell you about the power of Linkedin... We did some research on how to improve our own usage of this potentially great (and free) business networking tool.   We've been reading around the subject and found a few articles and sites that have some interesting perspectives: Taking Linkedin to the next level, incorporating it into your workflow for events, for marketing, to achieve your ends.

Mobile Thoughts from AppBoy

The iPhone app is a great addition to both the app store and to Linkedin functionality.  Rather than just copy the website, the app offers a different interface that makes interaction via Linkedin quite a revelation.  read more about this here

Experiential Marketing 2.0

Experiential Marketing.... (I know...) 13 ways Linkedin supports event marketing. This is a clever article that takes Linkedin and makes it work for you in quite unexpected ways. Event management anyone? Read more here....


There is being on Linkedin and there is using a few basic tricks to make it work for you and your organisation.  We read and liked this '8 Tips to help you Become a LinkedIn Power User…'  Read more...


It's easy to get Linkedin wrong.  (We could do a lot better!) Another perspective on how to really leverage Linkedin, this time from a professional 'connector'  This is a lovely website to look at and it is rewarding intellectually. Have a look at Aaron Goldmans business. 'Connectual'  

'Six degrees of separation' is an exciting concept if we accept that professional and personal marketing is almost exclusively based on permission, Linkedin is a great way to 'penetrate' permissively.