Data Processing Agreement

Isoblue work closely with all our advocated suppliers:  Our preferred database solution tool is called Knack .com and we use products from Knack to provide database services to our clients.

You may download and review this agreement  Isoblue & Knack Data Processing Agreement (EU DPA)

Knack is a powerful database and business application creation tool and we use EU based servers for holding and processing data.  Knack data is encrypted at rest and in transit using 

Encryption means that your data is encoded in such a way that to the naked eye it looks incomprehensible. For example, if you encrypted this sentence it may look like this:


Any encrypted data must be decrypted in order to be read. By encrypting your data we're ensuring that only authorized parties (that's you!) can read it.


Encryption at rest 

We encrypt all data that's stored on our servers.

This includes both the records stored in our databases and search indexes as well as any files and images you've uploaded to your Knack database.

Encryption in transit

We encrypt all data as it moves between our servers and your web browser.

Our API is fully encrypted so every request to view or update your records automatically encrypts that data behind the scenes.

Bank-level Encryption  

We use both SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption, the strongest encryption available.

This is the same level of encryption that banks use.