Case Study #3: Social Enterprise
Derby Junior Football League

Membership management. Business analysis


The League was formed by a City Council as a service to children in deprived inner city areas in the early 1990’s. The council designed the competition so that all matches would be played at central venues and city parks without traditional ‘home and away’ matches.  This way clubs could participate without investment in facilities.

With increasing popularity and participation rates in Junior football, the league was under pressure to move to online self administration and paperless systems to take the pressure of the team of volunteers who took over the running of the League.  Today, over 6,000 children participate, in 1500 teams from over 50 clubs.


The solution provided a Database system that is accessible from numerous locations sharing data and processing aspects of the business.  Access to the data is via desktop client software, iPad (live access to remote system), and Browser access to the database via Google Chrome, Windows IE >v9, Safari, Firefox etc.

Photographs of players can be taken on iPad and added directly to the Club/League database along with other Player details.

The system was implemented in a phased sequence of stages during the Spring and Summer of 2013 with legacy data migration and phased ‘go-live’ July 31st 2015.


  • Growth enabled.
  • Robust data storage
  • Improved database speed and reliability
  • New Reporting capability
  • Decreased admin time required
  • 2015-16 Paperless objective!


  • Player Registration
  • Team Registration
  • Club Registration
  • Remote access via a browser to enable club secretaries to administer their Club, Teams and players.
  • League management console to administer Age groups and annual player reregistration


  • Enable the league to operate paperlessly
  • Improve ease of club and league administration
  • Simplify Player Registration
  • Promote the league.


  • Business analysis, coordination and liaison.
  • Adapt and develop initial database design.
  • Take Filemaker Database and develop online solution accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Enable web based access without the need for client software.
  • Harness iPad and iPhone data capture of images and product data.


  • Filemaker Pro Server v12 (Remotely Hosted)
  • Filemaker 12  for Networked Legacy Windows XP Computers 
  • Filemaker Pro 14
  • Filemaker Pro Advanced
  • Filemaker Go (for iPads)
  • Filemaker Web Direct (Browser Access)