Police Recruitment Prep

Project Overview:

Website design & Build.
Online courses with e-commerce.

Isoblue were commissioned to build a new website and provide a new solution for the delivery and sales of the companies E-learning Courses.

Using Knack and Squarespace Isoblue were able to deliver a fully automated solution that the client can now manage and update in-house


Client Profile:

Police Recruitment Prep provide online courses to help people prepare for a career in the police force.



“Creativity and technical vision….”

We came to Isoblue with a challenge – to create us a new website that we could develop and sell online coaching packages to support aspiring police officers, that was fully automated.

The combination of Sue’s creativity and Chris’s technical vision meant that they produced a great visual tool that sells our simple, yet effective products. More importantly, with their video tutorials, we can continue to develop the business, build additional products independently, utilising Isoblue when we need to move to the next level and require more of their expertise.

- Amy Brunton - Director


Knack and Squarespace working together

Login Screen in Squarespace accessing the embedded Knack application

Login Screen in Squarespace accessing the embedded Knack application

Knack Protected content in Squarespace


Isoblue Building with Knack and Squarespace

At Isoblue we’ve been enthusiastic Squarespace advocates for over ten years and we’ve built many client apps in Knack.

The two work so well together: Knack gives you the ability to take your data online, or looking at it the other way around - Squarespace and knack working together take your customers, employees and exec’s from the website and into your company.