Browser Support

We try to develop websites using the latest accepted standards.  Browsers do vary in the way they represent websites and exhibit some marginal differences in the way they present pages.

We test thoroughly to ensure our work displays and functions on the latest versions of Safari,  Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.   Where possible we will work to ensure 'backward compatibility' with older browsers and older operating systems.

 We also test on generic mobile and tablet devices. There are literally hundreds of screen sizes and we adopt a responsive approach so that our work displays on most devices.

We do not support Microsoft IE6:  It was released on August 27th 2001 - it is therefore a very outdated piece of software and it is no longer supported by Microsoft - All support for it - even the latest Service pack 3 version will end in 2014.  If you are still using IE6 we would strongly recommend you upgrade to a more secure browser unless of course there are compelling technical reasons for it's continued use.  

If you require support for older browsers or have any specific technical requirements - like legacy systems or equipment - we ask that you let us know before the project is under way.

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