Isoblue Blueprint

Why do Isoblue offer this service?

  • Investing in a website can be a daunting, costly process. The Blueprint reduces risks.
  • Asking the right questions at this stage can not only save money but can provide a solution that is so much more effective, not only at launch but into the future.
  • Commissioning a website is not something most people do regularly, but it's often an essential part of successful marketing and sales.
  • You may know your business inside-out but that's not always beneficial, when commissioning a new website. A fresh pair of eyes, someone standing in the shoes of your customer, can be priceless.
  • We recommend the appropriate tools to deliver results - yes this sounds corny, but the Blueprint process allows questions to be asked and sometimes old methods to be questioned, to enable the best results, within budget.

Who would benefit from the Blueprint?

  • If this is a new process for you, or your business is in it's very early stages, then a Blueprint is a worthwhile process.
  • If you're current website is out of date (technically or visually) or simply ineffective.
  • If you simply don't know what to ask for and would like guidance to achieve the best results.
  • If your project is on a large scale or requires input from several people, the Blueprint can form a working document that will keep the project within budget and within deadline.

What is a Blueprint?

  • The Blueprint is an extension of the website brief*. It will outline the key requirements of the project and recommend the best solutions (technical and visual) in which to achieve this.
  • An aesthetic guide will be provided in the form of a static visuals, outlining the basic layout, look and feel.
  • A site-map will be created, in which the website structure is clearly outlined.
  • Technical solutions will be demonstrated or outlined.
  • Where relevant, alternative solutions (visual and/or technical) with cost implications, will be presented, to inform the final decision making for the direction of the project.

*A website brief is the document created by the client when commissioning a website. It gives the web company all the key information about their client and the requirements of their project.
Some web companies (we're one of them) will help in the creation of this document if required.

What is included?

  • Project briefing
  • Competitor and market research
  • Refine specification
  • Outline objectives
  • Create a project plan
  • Website design concept
  • Colour styling
  • Typography styling
  • Page layouts
  • Template selection
  • Page structure / sitemap
  • Content planning

How much does a Blueprint cost?

Standard Blueprint - £500.00
This covers a website with 10 pages or less
No major integration of third party solutions

Premium Blueprint - from £800
This covers a website with 10+ pages
3rd party integrations

Do I own the Blueprint upon completion?

The Blueprint and any documents or static visuals created, are yours upon Isoblue's receipt of full payment.

Any working website demos or other working technical demos are created at Isoblue's desecration and remain the ownership of Isoblue, under the Blueprint phase.

The Blueprint can form the basis for phase 2 of the project with Isoblue, or can be freely used to commission another company to take the project to full completion.