About us...

We get involved, become part of your team, deliver on time and on budget,
then transfer skills so you're in control.

We’re a team of two, so you work with the designer/developer from start to finish, nothing is out-sourced.

"Chris and Sue are such a great team! They had tons of ideas and were really patient, making sure I was completely happy with each stage from branding and logo design right through to website design and implementation.
They were very honest and so I found I could really trust them because they genuinely wanted my business to succeed. ..."

- Dr. Christopher Stephen


Chris Bampton

Technical Specialist  (with some creative thrown in.)

Chris is a problem solver, a business analyst and with an instinct for pragmatic solutions, he selects the best technology to deliver creative solutions with an emphasis on simple solutions that are fast to build and easy to manage.

Chris won't over complicate things (just the opposite), because he understands the importance you place on being able to manage your website and your business systems yourself.

Chris often knows what's needed well before you do but he'll make you feel like you've done this a thousand times before.

A Graduate in Human Geography, his whole career has been spent focusing on human interaction with technology -  analysing, delivering and implementing software solutions to major business challenges for over 700 businesses in 25 Years, Chris has a unique breadth of experience to draw upon.  

"Simplicity at work."

Sue Bampton

Creative Lead  (with some technical thrown in)

Sue likes to understand the scope of the challenge, with a marketing instinct and business insight that goes well beyond simply creating an attractive image, Sue is driven to create design that works towards the clients objectives.

A time-served graphic designer, Sue likes to understand who she is designing for:  by understanding you, your market and your customers she's then ready to pick up her crayons!

Having worked in design all her working life (we don’t need to count the years!) and digital design for over 10 years, she is also very experienced at creating the customer experience, understanding how to lead your visitors to where you want them, be that placing an order or picking up the phone.

It's not just about looking good - it’s also about effective communication.

"Everything communicates something"